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SOMA's super creepy E3 trailer cures narcolepsy

We don't know a whole lot about SOMA (opens in new tab) from Frictional Games, the studio behind horror game (and YouTube sensation) Amnesia: The Dark Descent (opens in new tab). Taking place in an underground research laboratory called PATHOS-2 that's been experimenting with artificial intelligence, SOMA gives off a sort of System Shock-plus-BioShock-plus-Event Horizon vibe.

Which, hey, if you like being freaked out of your mind - and if you played Amnesia, my guess is you do - doesn't sound too bad. What does sound bad is dying. At least, that's the lesson I'm taking from SOMA's E3 trailer, where a voice that discusses the topic just a wee bit too nonchalantly to not be unsettling.

If you're not thoroughly creeped out just yet (or just want to keep yourself from sleeping for a while), might I suggest taking a look at SOMA's live-action trailers (opens in new tab)? Hopefully they'll tide you over until E3 (opens in new tab), when we can hopefully learn more.

SOMA comes to PS4 and PC on September 22.

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