SOMA's super creepy E3 trailer cures narcolepsy

We don't know a whole lot about SOMA from Frictional Games, the studio behind horror game (and YouTube sensation) Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Taking place in an underground research laboratory called PATHOS-2 that's been experimenting with artificial intelligence, SOMA gives off a sort of System Shock-plus-BioShock-plus-Event Horizon vibe.

Which, hey, if you like being freaked out of your mind - and if you played Amnesia, my guess is you do - doesn't sound too bad. What does sound bad is dying. At least, that's the lesson I'm taking from SOMA's E3 trailer, where a voice that discusses the topic just a wee bit too nonchalantly to not be unsettling.

If you're not thoroughly creeped out just yet (or just want to keep yourself from sleeping for a while), might I suggest taking a look at SOMA's live-action trailers? Hopefully they'll tide you over until E3, when we can hopefully learn more.

SOMA comes to PS4 and PC on September 22.

Sam Prell

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