Soma Bringer [import] review

Another action RPG? Bring it on!


  • Plenty of complexity
  • Deep character customization
  • Custom controls


  • No touch screen use
  • Timing attacks are wonky
  • Menus crammed in tightly

Nintendo evidently liked GameCube title Baten Kaitos enough to splash a large wad of cash on acquiring the company that made it, and here’s the first game from the newly first-party Monolith Soft.

Soma Bringer is an action RPG that’s very much like Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, except with added layers of complexity and even more ways to customize your character. Set in a series of sprawling, monster-packed dungeons, the aim is to slice and dice your way to the bosses and treasure at the end using a variety of ridiculously massive swords.

You tailor the battle controls to your own liking by assigning weapons or abilities to the DS buttons - the touch screen isn’t used. Timing attacks gives the best results, often allowing you to deliver a second blow while the enemy is stunned, but it’s easy to end up swinging the wrong way.

There are more story and side missions than FFCC, although the density of Japanese text means we can’t tell you exactly how many. So it’s not a great import, and we’d say FFCC’s accessibility makes Square Enix’s game more satisfying to play, but they should definitely work to bring Soma worldwide.

Mar 26, 2008

More Info

GenreRole Playing
DescriptionFrom the makers of Baiten Kaitos comes this co-operative dungeon crawler that is pretty good, though you may want learn to read Japanese first.