So that's where Xur goes on his days off - World of Warcraft...

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We've all thought about it: what does Destiny's Xur do when he's not in the tower selling shiny things. A new character in World of Warcraft's Legion update seems to answer that very question. 

Meet Xur'ios, a new trader in World of Warcraft. He offers a range of things but there's one rare item that changes each day. And, in case the name and familiar pattern isn't enough of a clue, here are the names of some of the things he has to offer - for CURIOUS COINS, people!

  • Krota's Shield
  • Ingram's Puzzle
  • Gjallar's "Horn"
  • Mote of Light

It's not exactly subtle, is it? Here's a video show Xur moonlighting. Just as long as he's out in time for the weekends, okay WOW? 

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