Snow Dogs review

Like Ted (Cuba Gooding Jr), the dentist from sunny Miami who finds himself in gonad-shrivelling Alaska, this wholesome live-action Disney comedy spends a lot of time skating on thin ice before falling flat on its arse.

Ted discovers his real momma was a white woman and decides to honour her memory by learning to train her collection of uppity huskies rather than sell them to gruff loner Thunder Jack (James Coburn - - presumably a bit short of cash). All of which is simply an excuse to wheel out Gooding Jr's usual hyperactive schtick (recycled, yet again, from his Oscar-winning Jerry Maguire turn), coupled with a bit of computer tweaking to make the doggies' faces look really cute.

A self-deprecating Michael Bolton cameo aside, non-anklebiters will find this as enjoyable as trying to make a snowman from horse manure. Definitely the runt of the current kiddie litter.

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