SmashRadar: 10 things to do before Brawl dies

3. Try at least oneTheme Smash
Come on, you know you want to. Choose any one from our two lists of custom Brawls and go nuts with your friends and a bottle of vodka (or a jumbo pack of pixie stix- trust us, the effects are similar).

We like thisreader-submittedTheme Smash, Clash of the Titans:

2. Execute every character’s Final Smash
No, don’t just watch theYouTube videoof it- get out there anddo it, even if you have to turn off all items in the item menu except the orb and set the match to infinity just to give yourself enough time to get a hold of one.

1. Listen to all of Snake’s Codec conversations
This is really hard to do, actually, so we don’t blame you for turning to YouTube.

But if you’re ambitious enough or just desperate enough to extend Brawl’s Nintendo insider humor value,here’s howto get the codec convos yourself.

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Apr 25, 2008