SKATE or die

Tony Hawk's had his day in the sun. Seriously, for years we sat and played eight iterations of the once-innovative skateboard king. We used to amaze ourselves and others with each million-point combo, but it was probably around the time we started to play as Bam Margera that our hearts sank. No one legitimately stepped up to The Hawk until now. EA and their bottomless wallets are crafting SKATE, which they hope will redefine what skateboarding culture in videogames is all about. Check out our coverage for the rest of the week and be sure to peep the new screens by hitting the Images tab. All that's left to do is to dig out your old board, throw on some Vans and hang out in the McDonald's parking lot.

Day one:SKATE - updated impressions

Day two:Welcome to SKATE city

Day three:Producer interview