Six Snotty Comments: PC Gamer pouts about Gears Of War 2

2)Marcus Fenix still sucks. He’s got John Travolta’s voice, Bender from Futurama’s voice, and a backstory that makes Rambo look like high art. We can only assume that the “Cole Train” returns, too, ensuring more time with two of the most unoriginal characters in gaming history. Maybe they’ll be joined by a gender-bending Japanese sidekick with crazy hair!

3)The length of the game still sucks. Although, at 5 minutes, it virtually doubles the length of its predecessor!

4)The 360 exclusivity still sucks. I didn’t happen to catch a release date for the PC version anywhere in the video, but I’m pretty sure I caught a glimpse of a message on one of the rigs. If you squint a certain way, you can vaguely see a line of text written on a wall between two soldiers. It says, “Suck it, PC fans.”

5)The fact that we can’t hope for it to suck still sucks. We can’t even root against it - if GOW2 is a rousing success, it’s more likely that the game will be ported to the PC. No one ports games months later to another platform if they suck. Unless they’re Sonic games, of course.

6)Cliff Bleszinski’s faux hawk still sucks. David Beckham from 2002 called, Cliffy. He wants his hair back.