Silver Surfer cast?

You may remember us telling you a little while back that the part of Silver Surfer in Tim Story’s Fantastic Four follow-up looks like it might be a CGI character - well, it’s a step closer to coming true.

The word is that Story is set to announce Doug Jones, the lithe limb-bender who plays the body of Abe Sapien in the Hellboy movies.

It’s not known yet whether Jones’ part will be to act out the Surfer’s moves for motion capture or whether he’ll suit up but after one glance at his CV – which includes parts as a back-flipping clown in Batman Returns and a fella called Pencil Head in Mystery Men - and you can bet at the very least he’ll be packed in prosthetics and surrounded by CGI.

46 year-old Jones has cropped up in movies without being coated in rubber or make-up – he did a turn with Nicolas Cage in Spike Jonze’s Adaptation and indie drama A Series Of Small Things.

The second outing for the blue-suited crime stoppers will be called Fantastic Four And The Silver Surfer and is set to begin shooting on 15 August in Vancouver.

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