Silent Hill Origins trailer

Silent Hill Origins (WMV, 21.5MB)

Thursday 18 May 2006
Konami has released a new trailer for Silent Hill Origins, the latest in its survival-horror series that will be released for PSP this winter.

As the title suggests, Origins will deal with the events that turned the sleepy holiday resort into a town of flailing flesh monsters and reality altering fog. It follows the path of a lone truck driver who has to deal with his own hallucinations as he attempts to escape the cursed town.

The PSP incarnation offers new gameplay elements, such as a barricade system which allows you to use items to block the paths of the indigenous monsters, and stop them getting up close and tearing at your face.

While the trailer doesn't demonstrate this new feature, it's as gloomy and disturbing as you'd expect from Silent Hill - perfect for brightening up your day. Enjoy!