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Silent Hill 4: Latest shots

Some games are designed to thrill, others to kill and then there's Silent Hill 4: The Room - inducing a swift pants change appears to be its sole mission. Looking at these latest shots, it certainly is trying hard as the blood and gore factor are complemented by freaks and apparitions all bent on twisting your mind every which way.

The blood, gore and general nastiness is something we've come to expect but you'll note in the screens that being really messy seems to be a theme. Many of the living rooms seem on a par with the fat man's kitchen in the film Se7en. Grime and filth seem to fur up every corner and cockroach-infested plate.

Overall, the new shots demonstrate that the game is doing the business on the graphics front. Let's hope the addition of a first-person view in the dual-world of weirdness does similar things for the gameplay. If that means little to you, on the The Room.

Silent Hill 4: The Room is out on PS2, Xbox and PC in September