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Sidewalks Of New York review

TV producer Tommy (Edward Burns) splits up with his girlfriend. He meets teacher Maria (Rosario Dawson) and asks her out. Maria’s ex-husband Benjamin (David Krumholtz) keeps turning up at her apartment... Until he meets waitress Ashley (Brittany Murphy). She doesn’t want to date him because she’s seeing married older man Griffin (Stanley Tucci). Meanwhile Griffin’s wife, estate agent Annie (Heather Graham), is showing the house-hunting Tommy round a series of properties...

If the synopsis of Sidewalks Of New York doesn’t make you dizzy, the movie certainly will. Burns spins the carousel of character relationships around until you feel like screaming, then muddles things even further with every gimmicky cliche of low-budget filmmaking.

Under all this flim-flam, there are neat performances and a tidy little movie trying to get out. But Burns’ refusal to grow out of this insecure film-school graduate guff kills it.


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