Shrooms review

With a title like Shrooms, you could be getting anything. A university-set musical spoof? The new Pixar about a happy colony of forest fungi? In fact, it’s a lo-fi shocker with a set-up so perfunctory, if you root around in your popcorn too long you’ll miss it: five American youths meet up with an old buddy in Ireland for a magic-mushrooming binge in the backwoods, occupied by a pair of drooling, ‘indigenous’ cretins and a derelict orphanage with a frightful past. Whatever you do, kids, don’t eat that death’s-head mushroom… oh, too late, the Kirsten Dunst lookalike already has. Cue trippy, quick-cut mayhem, talking cows, fanged men in cloaks and Blair Witch-y scares. Is it the shrooms? Ghosts? Those nutty woodsmen? The ending explains all. Shame it’s been lifted wholesale from a superior Euro-horror of recent years…

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