SFX TV Sci-Fi Championship League Of The Week: 2

1 (NEW) The Walking Dead "Killer Within" (your score: 4.87/SFX score 5/5)
2 (+9) Red Dwarf "The Beginning" (your score: 4.528/SFX score 4.5/5)
3 (+3) Grimm “Bad Moon Rising” (your score: 4.526/SFX score 3.5/5)
4 (-3) Fringe "The Recordist" (your score: 4.424/SFX score 4/5)
5 (+6) The Almighty Johnsons "Man-Flu" (your score: 4.388/SFX score 4.5)
6 (-4) Merlin "The Dark Tower" (your score: 4.311/SFX score 4.5)
7 (-3) Continuum "The Politics Of Time" (your score: 4.19/SFX score 4/5)
8 (NEW) American Horror Story Asylum "Tricks And Treats” (your score: 4.145/SFX score 3.5/5)
9 (-) Switch Episode Four (your score: 4/SFX score 3/5)
10 (NEW) Arrow "The Lone Gunmen" (your score: 3.984/SFX score 3/5)
11 (-8) Warehouse 13 "We All Fall Down" (your score: 3.851/SFX score 3/5)
12 (-7) Alphas "Gods And Monsters" (your score: 3.809/SFX score 3.5)
13 (-5) The Vampire Diaries "The Five" (your score: 3.777/SFX score 3/5)
14 (-7) Wizards Vs Aliens "Grazlax Attacks" (your score: 3.772/SFX score 4/5)
15 (-3) Haven "Real Estate" (your score: 3.5/SFX score 2.5/5)
16 (-3) Misfits Episode Two (your score: 3.459/SFX score 3/5)

Fantastic week for The Walking Dead with hardly anyone voting “Killer Within” less than excellent. A very strong finish to Red Dwarf X too, with lots of love for “The Beginning”. Misfits series four doesn’t seem to be impressing you, though to be fair, as the bottom-rating episode of the week, it still managed an overall score of average rather than being totally loathed. Biggest tumble of the week was for Warehouse 13 – not good for a mid-season finalé.

(Note: New entries this week were down to the reviews not having polls on the previous week – we’ve got everything standardised now – hopefully – though True Blood is still suffering form having originally been reviewed months ago.)

Dave Golder
Freelance Writer

Dave is a TV and film journalist who specializes in the science fiction and fantasy genres. He's written books about film posters and post-apocalypses, alongside writing for SFX Magazine for many years.