SFX Issue 107

August 2003


Beam Hymn Up

Hallelujah! The least-loved Star Trek series gets a thumbs up from the Almighty!

A clergyman in Birmingham has boldly gone where no vicar has gone before by writing a hymn to the title music of Star Trek: Voyager .

The man responsible is Trek fan Reverend Jim Pendorf, vicar of St Albans church in Highgate. He co-wrote the lyrics for the hymn, “Out Of Darkness”, with his daughter, Elaine. The church organist came up with an arrangement of Jerry Goldsmith’s original theme.

“I’ve been a fan of Star Trek since the original series was broadcast in 1967,” says the Reverend. “I liked the Voyager theme tune, and felt it was a shame that there were no words to such an inspiring tune. My daughter challenged me to write some lyrics to it. She suggested [the title] ‘Out Of Darkness’ because the picture is one of the ship coming from darkness to light… I was conscious that we are all on a spiritual journey, whether Christian or not.”

The hymn premiered at the church recently, and apparently “there was a tremendous response from young and old.” 85 year-old parishioner Mary Goodman was very impressed: “I was particularly moved and found it a very uplifting piece of music… although I’ve never heard of Star Trek .”