Sex reported at major LAN event

Friday 8 June 2007
Ever wondered what goes on at LAN events besides marathon gaming sessions? Well, at this year's Gathering event in Norway there was some interesting downtime 'activities' that definitely weren't on the organiser's official schedule of events.

After attending the humungous four day meet, freebie fashion/culture/general hipster interest magazine,Vice (opens in new tab), reported that during its time at the Gathering (or Nerdstock as it affectionately called it) there were 'young boys jerking off under blankets and couples fucking in the darkness'. And all this sweaty, adolescent impropriety was taking place while other attendees battled for supremacy on Quake, Counter Strike and World of Warcraft.

There's not really much we can add to this eye-opening revelation, so here's some background info on The Gathering instead: It's been going for 15 years and has completely sold out for the last ten. The 2007 event took place between 4-8 April and was attended by 5200 people. The internet connection at this year's event was 2 Gbit.

Above: Thousands of gamers at The Gathering 2007. Mostly playing games, although God only knows what's going on underneath those desks

Matt Cundy
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