Severed Steel is a balletic FPS starring a one-armed sharpshooter, and you can try it right now

Severed Steel, a hugely stylish FPS, was just shown off at the Future Games Show powered by WD_Black, and you can try it out for yourself right now.

Set in a sleek, colourful, and deadly world, Severed Steel puts you in the shoes of Steel, a one-armed sharpshooter making their way through a building full of enemies packing some serious firepower. Fortunately, you'll have speed on your side, as Severed Steel lets you sprint, slide, and flip your way through each mission, chaining together kills each worthy of their very own action movies, all while indulging in some glorious bullet-time.

The game's trailer really makes the most of Steel's sense of style, showing off some truly elegant gunplay to the tune of Tchaikovsky's iconic Waltz from Swan Lake. The fast-paced gameplay is reminiscent of the excellent Superhot, as players flit around levels, grabbing their fallen enemies' guns as they arc through the air before using them to pick off any survivors. There's also a closer look at the voxel-based art style, the foot-based melee combat that Steel can use to keep combos going in a pinch, and even the game's fully-destructible environment. With the right gun in your hand, even a wall of concrete won't keep your opponents safe.

Despite the trailer's classical sensibilities, Severed Steel keeps the action intense with a punchy electronic soundtrack and dynamic AI which will see your enemies work together to attempt to take you down, reacting differently to each new approach you take and ensuring that no two battles play out in the same way.

A demo for Severed Steel has already featured in the Digital Dragons Indie Celebration that took to Steam earlier this year, but if you missed it back then, you get another chance to check it out, as a demo is available right now. To give it a try, simply head to the game's Steam page, where you can also add it to your wishlist to receive updates ahead of release. Developer Greylock Studio hasn't revealed an exact release date just yet, but says that Severed Steel is coming soon. FPS fans won't want to miss this one.

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