Seth Rogen, a hottie and a hardman

Scary Movie rent-a-hottie Anna Faris is Seth Rogen’s new squeeze in comedy Observe And Report, which sees Rogen as a mall security guard who gets in a turf war with local cops.

Ray Liotta has just signed on as the chief cop breaking Rogen’s balls, while Faris plays a mall worker the Knocked Up star has the hots for.

Weirdly, Observe And Report will go head-to-head with another comedy about an overweight mall security guard. But Paul Blark: Mall Cop, starring I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry’s Kevin James, has a really, really unimaginative title.

Look out for more Rogen in David Gordon Green’s ace-looking Pineapple Express and Adam Sandler’s Zack And Miri Make A Porno. Now that’s a title.