Seinfeld recreated in Garry's Mod

We’re big proponents of dicking around, so when someone suggested that we attempt to reproduce a classic sitcom in Half-Life 2’sGarry’s Mod, we cited the “why the hell not” clause of our operating procedures and immediately began violating ragdolls. While our interpretation of the greatest nihilist sitcom ever may not win us any awards at machinima festivals, it can at least inspire some mild amusement.

Our recreation is below. If you’re unfamiliar, the original scene is more belower.

The scene takes place in “The Contest” from season 4. Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer enter into a bet to determine which of them can last the longest sans masturbation. Controversial stuff for 1992, but not so much anymore: masturbation, masturbation, penis!

The video begins part way into the scene, but you get the idea.

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