Sega Superstars Tennis

Who says Sega doesn’t love their characters? Even if some of them only get to appear once every decade, at least Sega Superstars Tennis doesn’t force them to beat the shit out of one another. Unlike say, Super Smash Bros Brawl, the carnival Sega's throwing itself is a far less violent, andwell...a decidely more tennis-centric affair. But just as in Brawl, nostalgic goodies and classic appearances abound.

This particular in the video shows off some of the characters' super moves. Each is unleashedby charging up the Star meterwith a littleable volleying. Some play wicked with the ball’s physics; some cause players to slip around clumsily. Some do both. Either way, they all make the ball much harder to return and are accompanied by short intro cinemas that reaffirm our love for Sega’s stable ofunderused characters. Check outour previewfor more details.

Feb 14, 2008