Sega Rally's dirty videos

Sega Rally's track deformation is superb. If ever a feature defined the advance of 'next-gen' graphics, it's this. But what does it mean for us gamers? Hours of fun slipping around in the mud, that's what. Forget the mud wrestling of Rumble Roses - this is sexier. And what's more, we've got a double-whammy of videos of it to show you.

The first shows a classic Castrol liveried Celica doing donuts and washing off in a pool of water. Check out the way the water fills the trenches our tyres dig and how it washes off the mud that's built up on the bodywork. And remember,these aren'tjust lines drawn on the road - these are genuine dips in the track surface. Watch the suspension move as the car rolls over them near the end of the vid.

Above: This is the first Safari track. It's really fast and home to the puddle from the video

The second video shows you a lap and a half of a race, so you can see how the game actually plays. It's all in-game footage taken from the Xbox 360 version we've got here in the office. There's a glimpse of the destructible scenery too - watch for the gentle (ahem) brush with the fence on the left.

Can't wait for the finished game? Neither can we. Once you've seen the vids, muse over these newPS3andXbox 360 screens to help ease the wait.

Justin Towell

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