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Sega Rally Revo screens splatter all over your windshield

Announced last April to the delight of arcade racing fans 'round the world, Sega Rally Revo looks to deliver next-gen nastiness to a console (or PC!) near you sometime this year. Today Sega released some screens from this much-anticipated title, so get your first look at what's in store for you and your rally partner by hitting the Images tab above.

When we got a look at Revo at E3,we were awedby the way the tires literally tore through the track as we raced by. Each wheel threw up mud and left deep grooves in the dirt that remained there, ready to help or hinder us on the second lap. One look at the screens we've got, and you'll see that Sega is looking to make good on their promise of fully deformable terrain.

And yeah, we're pretty psyched about it.

January 17, 2007