Sega Rally keeps it real

With so many game adverts featuring pre-rendered footage accompanied by a 'representative of in-game graphics' disclaimer, it's good to see a game showing off using nothing but its super-slick self. The new Sega Rally trailer does just that. Although it does keep on about it...

The trailer shows the previously unseen Arctic track, which features very deep snow into whichthe cars' wheelsdig deep troughs. There's also a glimpse of the third Tropical track, which features massive draw-distance that made us gawp at the screen as we hit one of the jumps. Makes us want to play it again just talking about it.

Point your eyes downwards, soak up the splendour, then head over toour review to see what we thought of the finished game. Sega Rally arrives in UK stores on September 28 and US stores on October 10.

Above: Breath a sigh of relief - Sega Rally on PS3, 360 and PC is worthy of the name

Justin Towell

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