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Sega gives Japanese gamers the chance to roll Super Monkey Balls over a woman's boobs

Here's a thing that is happening in Japan. Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz is a Super Monkey Ball game for PS Vita. Any gamer in Japan buying one of the first copies of Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz will find inside the box a special product code for a limited edition map. If they download the map they will be able to roll their monkey-in-a-ball over this sort of thing...

Yes. That is a boob ramp. Your eyes do not deceive you. Look, here is another picture of this thing with Super Monkey Ball and some woman's boobs that is happening in Japan:

The boobs are the boobs of gravure model Yukie Kawamura. Gravure models wear swimsuits most of the time. Here's a video of Yukie Kawamura playing Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz and rolling her monkey-in-a-ball over an obstacle course made from her boobs:


Source: Andriasang

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