Seeing Caesar IV

What happens when you take the best technology from today and combine it with two-millennia-old Roman ingenuity? Well, you get a highly advanced empire-building strategy game, of course. The fourth in the series of magistrate-minded games, Caesar IV lets you walk a mile in the sandals of history's most powerful leader.

Basking underneath the blazing (and High Dynamic Range enabled, for the tech-minded folks out there) Tuscan sun, you'll begin a few rungs below the Emperor. Well, actually, at the bottom. But as a small, provincial governor, you have complete control over your destiny. If you succeed in managing smaller provinces, you'll be granted new challenges in ever-growing cites, eventually bringing you to the sprawling Roman Empire's heart: Rome.

In each city, you'll control the architecture, economy and trade, as well as the military. As Caesar, you'll have direct control over your legions in combat, and they'll gain experience as they follow you throughout your command.

Today's batch of screens shows off the shiny HDR lighting effects in addition to the full day/night cycle. Gotta love that Roman technology.

Caesar IV is set to ascend to the throne in September.

August 15, 2006