See what happens when we put three noobs in a room with Rock Band

We were keen to find out, so we rounded up three female guinea pigs and locked them in a room with only a PS3 and a copy of Rock Band for company. Questions were asked, arguments were had and tea was spilt. Watch the video below.

Our Volunteers

Philippa (Vocals)
Philippa is studying Building Surveying and the Environment at the University of Plymouth and admits to not being up to date with the latest games. She has, however, heard of Mario, Sonic, Lara Croft and even Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon.

Louise (Guitar)
Also Studying at Plymouth University, Louise says she owns a Playstation 2 but doesn’t know much about the games – apart from Halo. Which we can’t really see working on her PS2.

Kate (Drums)
Currently on her gap year Kate has a strange obsession with Mario Kart Double Dash. She says she knows “how to operate the controllers” and can name the usual suspects (Sonic, Mario and Lara). However she added that “it’s slightly on the odd side when people get obsessed with the characters”. Shortly after this our Lara Croft poster was removed from the wall.