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Secret World's new Developer Diary exposes PVP secrets

Massively multiplayer online games have changed since they first crawled out of the primordial soup, but they've still remained unevolved in many ways. Combat, level progression, and player-versus-player elements have grown, but not in huge ways, and that's something The Secret World is looking to change. In this developer diary the creators not only explain their game's interesting lore, but show how, where, and why the PvP takes place, giving us a taste of what we can expect when the game releases next year (hopefully).

The different PvP modes don't look like huge departures from what we're already playing in games like World of Warcraft, Rift, and Warhammer Online, but the action-based combat will definitely help set it apart. The setting, too, is important - science fiction environments and fantasy worlds are fun to a point, but there's something to be said about a game being grounded in reality. Fighting around Stonehenge just seems flat-out cool, and we're really looking forward to finding out more about the game's lore and history. We're also interested in the promised 100 vs 100 battles mentioned in this trailer; if they can pull it off, they'll definitely have a hit on their hands.

Oct 14, 2011