Secret Wii "Project O" finally revealed

Aug 30, 2007

A few months backCVG spoke to Harvest Moon creator Yasuhiro Wada, who teased with details of his secret "Project O" for Wii, but it's not a secret anymore as the lid finally lifted on what looks like another fantastically unique creation to put on his resume.

Officially titled Ousama Monogatari, or King Story in English, the game mixes RPG gameplay with real-time strategy and life simulation elements into one package. Players take control of a boy named Corobo, who becomes king using a magical crown. Your task is to gain the trust of your people and build your empire from scratch.

Although you don't directly control the people around you, you can issue commands to groups of up to 10 people and head out of town to battle the beasts that roam, and give them orders to carry out tasks as you rebuild the towns in your kingdom.

"It's similar to Harvest Moon in that it's a family-orientated game and is aimed at gamers that have got bored of other games," Wada said.

"It incorporates life-sim elements. You could say it's like Sim City or Sim World. However, in Sim World the player takes on the role of God to create a world, but in [King Story] the gamer plays among the people and creates the world around them from ground-level, not as God," he went on to explain.

He also revealed: "It will be a single-player game, with no plans for multiplayer. We've not really thought about Wi-Fi functionality yet either, but gamers will be able to download extra content."

Scans are doing the rounds but sit tight for real screens soon. King Story is penciled in for a vague "2008" release.