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Secret message hidden in trailer for The Witcher 2

If you never played The Witcher, you missed out on one of the best RPGs of 2007. Today, fans have discovered a secret message hidden in one of the last frames of the debut trailer for the sequel, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. The letter is addressed to the series’ ‘biggest fans’ and sheds some light on some of the challenges CD Projekt faced while developing the game, saying “We are very proud of TW but let be honest, it was our debut. We never made any game before, and we practically learnt as we worked. So there were many things which could be done better, you know it as good as we :-)â€

The message thanks fans for their support and goes on to remind readers that the core values of the creative remain the same, calling The Witcher “A game created by a team of independent thinkers immune to corporate priorities, who don’t care what’s trendy at a given moment.â€

Above: Pause the debut trailer for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings right before the end of the trailer and you’ll see this secret message!

Above: If you missed the debut trailer yesterday, check it out

After seeing hiddenDante’s Inferno ASCII artand crypticPortal 2 teases, it seems that hidden messages are the new hot way to promote upcoming games. But the sincerity of CD Projekt’s appreciative message to their fan base shines through much more strongly here. Its tone of voice is very casual and it doesn’t try too hard to sell you on the sequel, but it’s the classiest thing we’ve seen a developer do in quite a while.

If you want to see the message yourself, we recommend you download a copy of the movie file.GameTrailersis as good a place as any to visit for a downloadable copy. Then, just pause the trailer right around the two-minute mark, right at the tail of video.

Mar 24, 2010