Stunning retro RPG Sea of Stars shatters all stretch goals with $1 million on Kickstarter

Sea of Stars, a turn-based RPG set in the same world as 2D ninja platformer The Messenger, has raised over $1 million on Kickstarter.

Developer Sabotage Studio's Kickstarter campaign will end on April 18, and it's already raised over 10 times its target, smashing every one of Sea of Stars' stretch goals in the process. Those stretch goals have expanded the game's scope considerably, from the addition of fully animated cinematics to the production of a behind-the-scenes documentary, and the last two are especially big. 

Sea of Stars' fifth stretch goal was for a New Game+ mode and an alternate ending. As Sabotage explained in a Kickstarter update, the new alternate ending will reward players who achieve 100% completion by "connecting a few additional dots and providing even more closure to the adventure of Sea of Stars."

New Game+, meanwhile, will "come with updated balancing to optional bosses, providing the completionist types with the ultimate challenge, and also the ultimate achievements." Both of these features will be added via free post-release updates.

Speaking of free updates: the final stretch goal was for the Throes of the Watchmaker DLC, and with its goal met, this DLC will not only be developed, but it will also be free to all backers. Sabotage says this DLC will "expand even more on the world of Sea of Stars and provide additional insight on the narrative overarching all of our games."  

This Kickstarter was originally set up "to get validation from either our fans or newcomers who are interested in that genre," as creative director Thierry Boulanger explained. After its runaway success, Sabotage says "there are no additional stretch goals to work towards as the vision is now officially whole." 

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Austin Wood

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