Scope the scout

Before, we gave youan in-depth lookat how Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom is progressing on PlayStation 3. We focused then on the brutish warrior character. But today, Sony Online Entertainment has finally given us the all-clear to show off the scout, a female character who possesses a very different style - in every possible way.

The scout is lithe and female, and leaps and spins with ease. Her acrobatic moves are an entirely different proposition than the warrior's unsubtle (if effective) bash-all-comers tactics. She can get in many more hits per attack thanks to her athleticism and pair of swords. By the same token, though, her more fragile frame results in an inability to deal damage and less capacity to take it.

To make up for it, she has stealth abilities - for sneaking and setting traps. Instead of quick kills, though, she sneaks in, reveals herself, and then attack the normal way: hack and slash. As she attacks, the scout moves around like a woman possessed, with head-first dives and backflips coming frequently.

Playing as the scout also made it super simple to explore; she's such a high jumper that there wasn't anywhere she couldn't go, though clearly many tweaks still need to be made to the game's exploration before it ships (we definitely saw things we weren't meant to.)

We look forward to finding out more details about the warrior, scout and especially the mage - the game's third character, who has yet to be shown at all.

July 5, 2006