Sci-Fi Bargains Of The Week

In 1972, a crack bargain hunting team was sent to prison by a financial court for a bill they couldn’t pay. This group promptly escaped from a minimum security stockade to the internet’s underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as a bargain hunters of fortune. If you need a bargain, if no one else can help you save money, and if you can find them....maybe you can hire The SFX Bargains Team… Durn daddun dur, dundundun dur…

Okay, first off this week we have a couple of general Blu-ray deals; HMV has a Five Blu-rays for £30 * offer on featuring over 48 pages and more than a thousand titles. We spotted The Fifth Element, RoboCop, 30 Days Of Night and Monsters among many others.

( *For some odd reason, we can’t directly link to the offer page itself, but our link takes you to a page with a link to the offer. )

Sendit has a similar Two Blu-rays for £12 offer including films such as The Truman Show, Your Highness and Children Of Men . Both deals are well worth checking out.

Moving over to Amazon’s “Deals of the Week” we spotted The Matrix Trilogy on a three disc DVD set for £5.75 and there’s also an “Ultimate Collection” of the trilogy also on DVD for £14.75 which has nine discs of goodies. If you like that sort of thing.

In the world of TV we saw Patrick Troughton era Doctor Who adventure “The Krotons” on DVD for £10.25 and the Jon Pertwee adventure ”Death To The Daleks”, also on DVD , for the slightly cheaper £9.50 .

Other TV finds were season one of Game Of Thrones on DVD for £22.50 . The same box-set was also available on Blu-ray for £28.75 .

Season two of The Vampire Diaries is available on DVD for £13.25 or on the Blu-ray format for £16 . Season three of the show was also available for £19.79 on DVD or £23 for a Blu-ray/digital box-set. They really are starting to copy True Blood with those boxed set covers, aren’t they?

The Family Guy Star Wars spoof “Laugh It Up Fuzzball” trilogy is available on Blu-ray for £18.25 , although if you just want individual episodes you can get ”Something Something Something Darkside” or ”It’s A Trap” on Blu-ray for £7.75 each. We couldn’t find “Blue Harvest” – the best of the bunch – on its own on Blu-ray at all.

Staying with animation, fans of Futurama can pick up the ”Collected Epics” including “Benders Big Score”, “The Beast with a Billion Backs”, “Benders Game” and “Into The Wild Green Yonder” all on DVD for £11.50 , alternatively you can get “Benders Game” and “Into the Wild Green Yonder” on Blu-ray for £6.25 each.

Finally from Amazon we found a few movie box-sets; you can get a “Doomsday Collection” including Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow and the 2008 The Day The Earth Stood Still remake on Blu-ray for £10.25 . If you’re a fan of 3D – there must be some out there – you could get this Green Hornet/Resident Evil: Afterlife/Priest combo on 3D Blu-ray for £23.25 .

From the forum this week we have the return of bargain hunter SilverFox67 , who brought news of a Superman Complete Collection on Blu-ray for £15 . Midnighter told us that his local Morrison’s have Pan's Labyrinth and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer on DVD for £2 each, Poundland had Signs and Chronicle for a £1 each and Tesco had the Conan The Barbarian remake and Drive Angry for £3 each. Badhat-h told us he spotted The Spider-Man Trilogy on Blu-ray for £8 in HMV.

We only had time to wander round one supermarket this week and we chose Asda. Here’s what we found… Resident Evil: Damnation on DVD for £11 , Starship Troopers: Invasion for £7 , new release Wrath Of The Titans was on DVD for £10 and on Blu-ray for £15 . You could also pick up a Wrath/Clash Of The Titans double DVD set for £15.97 . The Johnny Deep starring Dark Shadows was £10 on DVD and £15 on Blu-ray.

There was a range of DVDs for £5 each. We saw titles including Wolverine, Let Me In, Skyline, Super 8 and Resident Evil: Afterlife . On the TV front we spotted season one of The Vampire Dairies for just £7 and season one of The Walking Dead was seen for £13 , we also found a Benjamin Bratt-staring remake of The Andromeda Strain on sale for £3 .

Asda also still have a load of Blu-rays for £6. We spotted Cloverfield , The Road , War Of The Worlds , Pitch Black , Sucker Punch and Alien Versus Predator all for £6 or two for £10.

For our random suggestions this week we start with a few T-shirts. Play had this Star Wars Stormtrooper T-shirt for £4.99 , this ”Caution: This is Sparta” shirt for £7.99 and this Batman ”Greetings From Arkham City” design for £9.99 .

Argos had a couple of superhero wallet and belt gift sets. You can get the Batman set for £17.99 or there’s also a Superman set for the even cheaper price of £14.99 .

Finally for this week we have a Jedi bath robe , it’s down to £29.89 from Play. Or you can pick up this Star Trek Spock “Science blue” dressing gown for £19.99 from MenKind. And if you’re going to get the robe then this ”Illogical” mug would finish the ensemble perfectly, it’s just £5.89 .

Usual rules: If you find anything we’ve brought you this week cheaper somewhere else please mention it in the comments section below. We want as many bargains ideas for our readers as we can get. If anyone out there spots a sci-fi bargain they want to share over the coming week then please head over to our forum and mention it in the relevant thread. This thread is for bargain films and this one is for TV bargains , a thread for comics and graphic novels and finally this thread is for any random bargain you might find. Keep your eyes peeled for great offers for your fellow geek and maybe we’ll be sharing yours next time.