Scavengers weekend event will host "up to 5,000 players"

Scavengers 5,000 player weekend event
(Image credit: Midwinter Entertainment)

Thousands of Scavengers players will be able to take part in a massive multiplayer event over the weekend.

The ScavLab event will be taking place on Saturday, May 29 at 8pm CET / 11am PT 7pm BST and will allow around 5,000 players to join the same shared in-game hub. Scavengers recently held a closed community test that hosted over 1,700 players at once with support for over 9,000.

During the ScavLab event, there will be competitive sports minigames to take part in, large-scale combat, and a digital AMA with Midwinter Entertainment's CEO, Josh Homes.

Holmes said in a press release, "We’ll test features and gameplay ideas with up to 5,000 players in a shared environment - with the potential to host many more in future events."

Scavengers officially released back on April 28 and is developed by Midwinter Entertainment with former developers behind Halo and Battlefield. At its core, the game is a Player vs Player vs Environment Battle Royale that has players trying to survive against the elements, as we noted in our hands-on back in 2019.

The event at the weekend obviously takes a different approach to the gameplay and follows the game's first major patch and final server wipe that happened last week. Now, player accounts are all reset and able to start ranking up with account progression with Pioneer Rewards being dished out.

Those that aren't able to join in on the Scavengers event will be able to watch it go underway through various live streams on Twitch instead

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