Scavengers is a sandbox shooter from former Halo and Battlefield devs, out tomorrow

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Scavengers, the upcoming 'sandbox shooter' from former Halo and Battlefield devs, enters early access tomorrow, April 28.

Developed by Midwinter Entertainment, Scavengers blends PvE and PvP gameplay. Set in the future of a frozen planet Earth, 20 teams of three will compete to secure victory, battling against mutated wildlife and other players to secure victory.

While there are obvious parallels with the battle royale genre, Scavengers offers various ways to win. Your aim is to exfil from the map, ensuring you do so with more datapoints than any of your opponents. How you do that, however, is up to you - the all-guns blazing approach is dangerous but effective, while sneaking around out of sight of your human opponents could still place you at the mercy of deadly fauna and an even deadlier wilderness.

Scavengers hits early access on Steam tomorrow, April 28, but if you want to try it out early, you'll need to create an Improbable game account and link it to your Twitch account. From there, watch 30 minutes of any Scavengers stream, and you'll get a free Steam key via a Twitch drop. If you miss the boat, there'll be a more traditional release down the road, with a full launch planned for later this year.

While Scavengers might be Midwinter's current major focus, the team has another trick up its sleeve in the form of ScavLabs, a multiplayer system with a huge capacity, allowing PC Gamer to play alongside 1700 other players in the same space. It's not ready for full rollout right now, but it could play a major part in the future of online multiplayer games as they continue to grow.

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