Say hello to the World's fastest game download service

We all know that downloading a game can be a painfully time intensive process. We get bored easy and hate waiting. So the news that Game Domain International has launched the public beta of its hyper-fast digital distribution platform,AWOMO, is most welcome.

GDI is heralding AWOMO as "the World's fastest game download service". It's a pretty ballsy claim, but from what we've seen it's not just throwing about boastful hyperbole. We were recently demoed the service on a laptop, using a coffee shop's WiFi and, after choosing to download Beyond Good and Evil, were able to play the game after just a few minutes, while the rest of the data continued to download in the background.

At present the beta offers users the chance to sample the service by downloading Rome: Total War for absolutely free. When AWOMO is launched proper GDI promises that there will be a "seemingly endless catalogue of games, from the latest releases to those hard to find classics". If you're a frequent downloader of games, we suggest you head to theAWOMO public betaand try it out. And for more information on the service, be sure to check out theAWOMO FAQ.