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Save on a cheap Nintendo Switch Lite deal right now - get the console for just £172

Save on a cheap Nintendo Switch deal right now - get the console for just £172
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This cheap Nintendo Switch deal is one to consider immediately - it'll make you feel much better if you missed any price dips over Black Friday or Christmas (well, maybe). On top of that, Nintendo's hardware has a steely reputation for holding their value, so any chance to capitalise on lower prices is an absolute must. And now is one of those times: you can get a Nintendo Switch Lite for just £171.96 (opens in new tab) at The Game Collection's eBay outlet by using the code 'PREP2020' at checkout.

The Lite is a blinding little console, trading in some of the original Switch's versatility - namely docked mode - in order to create a more affordable, portable console. It will still be able to play all the greats like The Switcher (Witcher 3) (opens in new tab) and Pokemon Sword and Shield (opens in new tab), so it's truly worthy of your consideration if you're on the lookout for a Switch and are OK with going full-portable. Just remember, it's not playable via your TV - this system is handheld only.

Sure, the seller's starting point is a bit inflated for some reason - listing the Lite for £219.95 when it's normally £200 - but the fact that you can get a Nintendo console for less than 180 quid makes it a steal. And you can't deny that discount. It takes about 30 quid off the 'true' retail price of the console that you'd find elsewhere at the usual retailers.

This code is also a limited time deal and it ends at midnight on January 9th (that's this Thursday night). The other good news is that you can use the code elsewhere on this particular eBay outlet store, on any combination of products, and you'll still get that delicious 20% off. You only have to spend £25 or more.

Nintendo Switch Lite | just £171.96 at ebay (opens in new tab)
A Nintendo console for just 172 quid? Take my money! Remember to use the code 'PREP2020' to get the lovely discount, and act fast as it ends this week! This link is for the Turqoise one, but the Yellow version is at the same price (opens in new tab).

If you fancy jumping into 4K gaming instead, you can also use the same code for an Xbox One X Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order bundle at ShopTo's eBay storefront (opens in new tab). Here, using the code PREP2020, you can take the bundles starting price of £336.99 right down to £269.60, which is frankly ridiculous. That's basically 'normal' Xbox One S territory!

Xbox One X Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order bundle | just £269.60 at ebay (opens in new tab)
This is a mad price for the immensely powerful Xbox console and a really top-grade, recently-released game to boot. Remember, the code is 'PREP2020'.

The Switch Lite consoles are always good to get, offering the best portable gaming experience (probably) you can get right now. As such, you'll need to stock up on games - possibly using the same PREP2020 code as you buy your new Switch. So why not pop on over to our take on the best Nintendo Switch games (opens in new tab)?

Fancy adding to your new Nintendo Switch setup? Check out our guide to the best Nintendo Switch accessories (opens in new tab) and how you might be able to pick up a Nintendo Switch controller cheap (opens in new tab).

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