Sarsgaard's Tragedy

Peter Sarsgaard clearly needs to clear his acting head after the big-budget likes of Flightplan and Jarhead. Not only has he appeared in little-seen indie The Dying Gaul, but he’s also teaming back up with Gaul writer Craig Lucas for his next project.

Adapted from Lucas’ play, Small Tragedy is described as “a play within a movie where not everything is as it appears,” and features Tony Goldwyn (last seen on our big screens in The Last Samurai) as the director of a fringe production of Oedipus Rex. But what no one realises is he’s a cult indie movie director who vanished from the scene a few years ago.

Sarsgaard’s playing Hakija, a young Bosnian economics student who is revealed to be the cast’s only talented actor. Let’s hope that, unlike the roundly ignored Gaul this makes it across the pond.