Santa Monica Studio hiring for new God of War project

Santa Monica Studio has issued a job ad seeking a senior staff concept artist to join the God of War team. Available immediately, the new recruit would be required to move to California and join the Sony-owned developer in the creation of a “Military/Combat” game for the PlayStation brand.

While the mystery project isn't mentioned by name, Santa Monic Studio's posting could point to a full God of War console sequel. Not that the existence of a sequel was ever in question, mind you, just that Sony has been relatively quiet about when it plans to bring Kratos back to the PS3.

Kratos' return was also predicted earlier this year in an April edition of the UK game mag PSM3, which reported, “PSM3 has heard from another source that God of War 4 is coming, and will hit in September 2012.”

God of War or not, this is a cool opportunity for industry concept artists. Previous game making experience is desirable, but not required, so if you've got a degree in something resembling the Fine Arts and think you can design kickass Gods and/or Titans, it can't hurt to apply. Read the complete job duties and requirements at the official posting.

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