Samurai Warriors 2 hands-on

You'll also be able to appoint a bodyguard to follow your general around, which isn't new. What is new, however, is that you can link up with your retainer to deliver a two-person super attack that can devastate dozens of enemies in seconds. Each character also has a couple of super moves they can use by themselves, enabling them to do things like call down lightning strikes or make their weapons briefly more powerful. And if you'd like to buy new bodyguards, skills, weapon upgrades or even horses, you can do so at the between-mission shop.

  1. Suckas
  2. Your chosen general, a walking engine of destruction
  3. The real-time battlefield map (blue blotches = your army)
  4. Your current objective
  5. Your horse. You can buy these and ride them around
  6. A running tally of how many guys you've "knocked out"
  7. Your life meter and "Musou" super-attack energy meter