Samsung advert features Master Chief. Or does it?

Will the real Master Chief please stand up? We're going to have a problem here. Or, rather, Samsung may have a problem here - unless they've specifically asked Bungie for permission to use the likeness of Master Chief in their latest mobile phone advertisement. It's not even just a still image - this is a video of a soldier in Spartan armour. Sure, he takes off his helmet on camera so it couldn't be Master Chief... but show any gamer the video and they would surely say 'Halo' to you in a quizzical manner. Check it out.

Let's just put them side by side.

Come on, it's not even 'based on' the Spartan design. Look at the central indent and the smaller notches in the top of the helmet. The bottom of the visor. There are even two circular details on each side. It's the same damn thing.

We've contacted Samsung's press office for comment and will update the story if they get back to us. Let's hope Samsung has permission for this... or that Bungie graciously let it slip by on the free publicity they're getting. What do you think? Smell a lawsuit coming?

24 Aug, 2010

Justin Towell

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