Sam Worthington heading into another space war

sam worthington

Avatar actor Sam Worthington is shooting for the stars again, having attached himself to an untitled new ‘space war’ project over at Warner Bros.

The studio has bought preemptive rights to a story pitch that screenwriter Aaron Guzikowski ( Contraband ) is about to sit down and flesh out into a script.

Plot details are light on the ground, but that ‘space war’ label sounds promising enough, if not earth-shatteringly original (it’s one lawsuit away from Star Wars , after all).

Scriptwriter Guzikowski is becoming something of a Hollywood hot property. His smuggling thriller Contraband is currently being turned into a Mark Wahlberg vehicle, while his Black List script Prisoners has just been picked up by Incendies director Denis Villeneuve.

This new sci-fi reunites Worthington with Clash Of The Titans producer Basil Iwanyk for a third time - he’s also currently working with him on that film's sequel, Wrath Of The Titans.

Next up for the action Aussie is Man On A Ledge , T he Fields and The Last Days Of American Crime .

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