Sam Fisher infiltrates EndWar

The likes of Third Echelon, Team Rainbow and The Ghosts are allfeatured in Ubisoft's RTS, inspired by the Tom Clancy universe.

The team behind EndWar spent its time at the recent Ubidays event talking up its console strategy title while talking down the console RTS genre in general. Nothing wrong with that; we're still waiting for a console RTS that controls as smoothly as they do on PC. We have our fingers crossed though for EndWar though, and Halo Wars.

World War III has broken lose in EndWar and Ubisoft is bringing the Ghosts, Team Rainbow and Third Echelon together in a combination of epic gaming brands from the Tom Clancy universe. "World War III is a pretty momentous event and the different elements of the Tom Clancy universe can come together in different roles," creative director Michael de Plater told us.

"The Ghosts are the ultimate elite soldiers of the US armed forces. They actually appear as elite forces in EndWar's armies. Some of the members of Team Rainbow, the European guys, also end up as military commanders and Third Echelon brings the intel. So it's really an over-arching story that sees many different genres and points of view come together for World War III."

When quizzed if we'll be able to call in Sam Fisher-type units to infiltrate an opponent's base, de Plater said, "Stealth is a big part of the game. You've got stealth units, commandos and sniping and that's what Third Echelon brings to the battle."

We don't know about you, but EndWar sounds like the console RTS we've been waiting for. Read more about how you can control the entire game using your voice in ourexclusive interview with de Plater.

May 24, 2007