Sacha Baron Cohen joins Sweeney Todd

Sacha Baron Cohen has seen the script, found it “very nice” and after asking “how much?” signed on to a small role in Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd musical adaptation. And we promise that’s the last Borat impression in this story.

The comedian will only need to show up for two weeks of work on the film to play Signor Adolfo Pirelli, a preening barber who becomes Todd (Johnny Depp)’s main competitor and nemesis.

He’ll film his part in February, before moving on to Bruno for Universal (who have officially offered the cash to make it and must be rubbing their hands in glee considering how popular a certain Kazakstani journalist has become at the box office). And he’s also got two other long-bubbling parts to consider – starring in the Tina Fey script Curly Oxide And Vic Thrill, which sees a young Jewish guy and a washed-up rocker starting a band, and Dinner For Schmucks, adapted from the French comedy Le Diner De Cons. High five! Damn!

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