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  • DS | Submitted by King Vatti 2.0

    Easy Money in 4 Ways

    Toros Cave

    These are 4 very easy ways to make money in Toros Cave (Must have beaten boss and plowed 50 squares in 1st Cave).

    1: Plant fall crops (it is everlasting fall in Toros Cave, so plant crops that come back).

    2: Find and befriend wooll (the sheep things), sheer them, then return them to the First Forest (Note: You will need at least one Monster Barn, the friendship glove thing, and the clipper things. Sorry, I can't remember the name. You will not need any feed).

    3: At the beginning of the cave to the left, you may have noticed a small pond. Fish there and try and catch a char. You only need a cheep rod. Sell a bunch of char for a bundle of cash.

    4: Use the hammer to break rocks in the cave (2 hits each rock). If you are lucky, you will find a sapphire or 2. Get these and ship them. They sell for 700 each!

  • DS | Submitted by Necroranger666


    OK, so first off you walk into the game with a hoe and a watering can... good job. What about fishing... or minning... or cooking... well here is how and where to achieve all the tools and house parts you will need to start off good!

    Fishing Pole: Talk to the blue haired girl at the beach (enter town then immediately go all the way left)named Sabrina and she will give you your first rod.

    Hammer: Go to the blacksmith's shop to the right of the town entrance and chit-chat with him for your first hammer. (used for breaking rocks and minning NOT blacksmithing)

    Friendship Glove: I can't give you an exact time frame, but if you go to the rich guys house (go up through town, in the third area you come to turn right to find this house) then talk to the maid Tabatha, eventually she will give you the friendship glove that allows you to tame monsters.

    On another note: Be careful with this, because you won't be able to tame monsters until you have a monster hut (talk to Neuman's son for this--it will cost 1000 gold and 100 wood for one hut)

    Monster Brush: I am pretty sure that after you tame one monster you can go talk to Tabatha again and she will give you a brush for your monsters.

    House pieces:On holiday's you can go into town and go up two areas then turn left and there will be a guy named Ivan selling stuff you can buy for your house. Until you upgrade your house you will only be able to buy small stuff.

    House upgrade: Mon-Fri you can go to Neuman's house (in town- up one area and to the left) and ask him to upgrade your house. This will cost 200,000 gold and either 2,000 or 20,000 wood... sry can't remember.

    Hope this helps you out!!! BTW I left out the axe for a reason.... WOULDN'T YOU LIKE TO FIGURE OUT SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF!!!!????