Runaway: the Dream of the Turtle announced

Push your girlfriend off a plane. Right now! C'mon, push her!

Ok, fine, if you wait until February 12, 2007, you can get some practice by playingRunaway: The Dream of the Turtle, a new point-and-click adventure for the PC where you’ll virtually throw that nagging wench off a jet. She has a parachute, she'll be fine.

But then you’ll get sad and nostalgic and think of all the times spent under the sycamore tree showing her the fabric of your soul. And then the music starts playing - "Meemmoorriieeess, in the corner of my mind..."

So now you'll have to find her in quest that will require the heroic sacrifice of moving your mouse around the monitor and pointing and clicking like mad. And although the main setting is Hawaii,you'll do more than jiggle your bronze pelvis. This is a psychedelic embarkation that will have you meeting deviants, perverts, and lunatics in thesky and in thesea. Whoa man, the walls are talking...

November 21, 2006