Run rings around new Sonic shots

Wednesday 27 September 2006
This latest round of Sonic and The Secret Rings shots is one of the few times you'll catch the game standing still: Wii has provided a perfectly bright and speedy return to form for Sega's tireless mascot.

Some of the screens also offer an indication of how you'll be wrangling the Wii-mote, chauffeur-style, to steer Sonic through the levels - although in the case of most of the screens it seems to be holding it level and just drinking in the Arabian Nights-inspired environments.

Above: Unmistakably Sonic-bright, it's hard to believe it's not a Sega machine's launch title

Sonic and The Secret Rings should be keeping pace with Wii's launch, so we'll have more on it soon - and if you've somehow missed it so far, check our love-at-first-sight E3 preview.