Run Fat Boy Run

One starred in Friends as Ross Geller (David Schwimmer, der). The other starred in Spaced as Tim Bisley (Simon Pegg, natch). Two popular actors from two beloved shows, back together for the third time having previously shared (very brief) screentime in Steven Spielberg’s Band Of Brothers in 2001 and then co-starring in half-decent US scam flick Big Nothing. Now with Run Fat Boy Run, it’s time for Schwimmer to bark out the orders – the ex-Friends man opting to take on a directing gig for this light-hearted tale of Dennis (Pegg) and his attempts to win back the heart of former lover Libby (Thandie Newton) by burning off the calories.

“We’re working him hard – he’s actually in too good shape for the movie, so he’s got a little fat patch on!” says Schwimmer of his leading man, happy to be shooting the comedy in London despite it being originally written for New York. “It’s great to be around different locations; up here on Hampstead Heath, on the bridges, by the National Theatre – all along the river. We’re having a blast!”

As for Pegg – who had to lose the buffness he’d gained for Hot Fuzz in order to play the role of fatty Dennis – what’s it like having old pal David behind the camera? “He’s a very intelligent guy, who completely understands the dynamics of comedy,” he says. “I didn’t know if he was just doing this because he was bored and fancied directing something, but he knows his lenses, knows how to move a camera around…”

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