Rumour: Lucasfilm developing Indiana Jones 5 to secure Harrison Ford for Star Wars?

An interesting theory has emerged this morning concerning a possible link between Indiana Jones 5 and Star Wars: Episode VII

The common factor in the two Lucasfilm properties is of course Harrison Ford, with The Daily Superhero suggesting that the studio is developing the former in order to persuade Ford to participate in the latter.

The site reports that Ford has indeed signed on for the next Star Wars film, but part of that deal was the guarantee of starring in one more outing as the whip-cracking archaeologist.

Apparently, Lucasfilm has been wondering what to do with the Indy franchise after the poorly received Crystal Skull , and have settled upon using it as a bargaining chip to ensure Ford's involvement in Star Wars .

Whether or not there's anything in this remains to be seen, but we'd imagine any "agreement" between Ford and Lucasfilm is based around the notion of actively exploring a fifth Indy adventure, rather than a cast-iron agreement that one will definitely be made.

In the meantime, we're still awaiting official confirmation that Ford will indeed be returning to the Star Wars series. Watch this space…

George Wales

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