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Rumour: Arnold Schwarzenegger to play Avatar 2 villain?

James Cameron could be about to take the Avatar series in a very different direction if rumours are to be believed, with Arnold Schwarzenegger reportedly in line to appear in Avatar 2 .

According to Latino Review (opens in new tab) , Schwarzenegger will reunite with his former Terminator director to play “a bad guy human general” in the forthcoming sequel.

Now while it’s true that Cameron and Schwarzenegger have worked together in the past, it does sound a surprising move, should the rumour turn out to be true.

Save for Sigourney Weaver in a supporting role, the first film was decidedly light on established stars, preferring instead to focus on the lush backdrop of Pandora. Casting Schwarzenegger would be the polar opposite of that approach.

Much as we might like to see it happen, we’ll be filing this one in the rumour pile for the time being. With Avatar 2 not scheduled for release until December 2016, there will likely be plenty more where that came from…

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