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Rumor: PSP2 getting 3G

The next PSP will have 3G data connectivity, according to one of Japan's top newspapers. The Nikkei Keizai Shinbun is like the Wall Street Journal of Japan, and it reports that Sony has teamed up with cell phone provider NTT Docomo to grant the next PSP 3G access. While there was no mention of any partnership outside of Japan, it's only natural to assume that Sony is in talks with providers in all other major territories. The connection will presumably allow users to download content including games, demos, and movies from the PSN.

The paper also confirmed most of the previous reports about the PlayStation phone. According to the paper, it will be a separate device designed to fight off competitor phones that are eating into the PSP2's gaming market. The logic being that if somebody is going to buy a phone instead of a PSP2, it might as well be a Sony phone.

What do you think? If true, Sony may at least be a little more forward-thinking than Nintendo.

[Source: Nikkei Keizai Shinbun (Japanese)]

Jan 24, 2011

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