Rumor: Microsoft preparing new OS that works on PCs, phones and (maybe) next console

At Tuesday'sMicrosoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Andy Lees, President of Windows Phone Division, said that Microsoft products might soon have a “single ecosystem.” This would allow their PCs, TVs, Phones, and even gaming consoles to share technologies — which could benefit all of the devices.

While Lees wasn't overly specific about what the benefits would be, he did say that Microsoft's strategy would be to provide “coherence and consistency” across several devices, “particularity the Xbox.”

Our Guess is that getting these devices ready for software that functions globally (like Internet Explorer 9, which is compatible with Windows Phones and PCs) might take effect as early as 2015, which would coincide with the projected ten-year lifecycle of the Xbox 360 and the end of Windows 8's expected three-year run. That means that we could be playing Angry Birds on the next-gen Xbox console! YAY!

Or, to take a more optimistic point of view, it could mean that the OS and other software on your gaming system will be compatible with your PC, phone, and (for those of us with disposable income) tablet.

The rest of his talk was about Windows Phone 7. It was very boring. I can't believe I watched the whole thing.

Jul 15, 2011